About Us

The Education and Traning Hub is a Project of St. Andrews Resource Centre delivered in partnership with the Inner City Renewal Group ICRG. 

Our team are constantly working to expand our services and bring new education and training opportunities to our clients. 

Phone 01 912 1200 if you are seeking help with education and training. 

At the moment the HUB offers assistance with the following:


  • Steps Course Personal development course provision
  • Retrofitting assistant training pilot program 
  • Bespoke access to work training
  • Course in services skills Services and cleaning skills training course 
  • GO Construction Course Ongoing 
  • Access to work course 
  • Reach Project.  Access to IT training short course Ongoing weekly including where required the provision of Tablet computer this project  delivered in partnership with CDETB and Google. 
  • Marine Skills Course delivered in partnership with Google Employment Task Force 
  • Google Cert Center available for higher end IT Google certified skills
  • Adult Education via structured courses in partnership with CDETB Ongoing
  • Healthy Education Course Outreach.


  • Docklands Education Grant Scheme Support a (Scholarship Fund)  for families to access mainstream education 

Drop-In Services:

  • Enterprise Support for potential BTWEA - Ongoing weekly clinics
  • 'The Drop In' a drop in facility for those that may not be engaged with other services to find a pathway to education training and employment 


  • Homeless men project